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Inclusive Security

Including women in the prevention and resolution of war can solidify peace. More »

Demand Abolition

Eradicating demand for purchased sex will end the illegal commercial sex industry. More »

Political Parity

Electing more women to higher office improves policy outcomes and lifts public trust. More »



Millions Raised, Millions Given

Born into a corporate family in Dallas, Texas, Ambassador Hunt has established a daring and alternative brand of philanthropy that blends giving with operational savvy and inspires others to give millions for the advancement of women and girls.

Books By Swanee Hunt

Worlds ApartWorlds Apart: Bosnian Lessons for Global Security

Duke University Press | 2011
Ambassador Hunt’s latest book tells of a well-meaning foreign policy establishment often deaf to the voices of everyday people. Its focus is the Bosnian War, but its implications extend to any situation that prompts the consideration of military intervention on humanitarian grounds.
Order from Duke University Press or Amazon.com

Half-Life of a ZealotHalf-Life of a Zealot

Duke University Press | 2006
Swanee’s life has lived up to her Texas-size childhood. Daughter of legendary oil magnate H. L. Hunt, she grew up in a household dominated by an arch-conservative patriarch who spawned a brood of colorful offspring. Her family was nothing if not zealous, and that zeal—albeit for more compassionate causes—propelled her into a mission that reaches around the world.
Order from Duke University Press or Amazon.com

Not Our WarThis Was Not Our War

Duke University Press | 2004
Winner of the prestigious L.L. Winship/PEN New England Book Award for non-fiction, Ambassador Hunt’s first book shares amazing first-person accounts of twenty-six Bosnian women who are reconstructing their society following years of devastating warfare.
Order from Duke University Press or Amazon.com

In The Media

We Can End the Illegal Sex Trade

President Carter and Ambassador Swanee Hunt call for an end to the illegal sex trade in an op-ed for Politico.

Rwandan Women and Reconciliation

Twenty years after the genocide, Ambassador Hunt is reminded of the extraordinary women who took the lead in rescuing Rwandan society.

The Thrill of Swanee Hunt

Read DuJour magazine’s profile of Swanee.