For more than three decades, Swanee Hunt has dedicated herself to solving or, when possible, preventing some of society's most pressing problems.

Provoking change...for good »

Swanee Hunt Alternatives

Swanee Hunt Alternatives is a two-generation family operating foundation based in Cambridge, MA with a multi-million dollar annual budget. Swanee Hunt and the programs she leads bring daring goals, innovative practices, and extraordinary talent to some of the world’s most complex and injurious challenges.

Chief Executive and Chair Ambassador Swanee Hunt leads three major programs that advance global security and social justice in the United States:

  • The Institute for Inclusive Security »
    Advocating for full inclusion of all stakeholders (particularly women) in peace and security processes, consulting with governments, conducting field research, and providing leadership development for women leaders in conflict zones around the world.
  • Demand Abolition »
    Combating the purchase of prostituted adults and children in the United States.
  • Prime Movers »
    Supporting entrepreneurial leaders of diverse American social movements.

These initiatives are completing in 2016:

  • Political Parity »
    Finding innovative ways to advance women to the highest levels of U.S. political leadership.
  • ARTWorks for Kids »
    Disseminating our model for strengthening arts organizations for disadvantaged youth.

The foundation has driven and incubated several other successful organizations, including Women Moving Millions and the Free for All Concert Fund.

Swanee Hunt and the programs convene allies, build partnerships, and engage in high-level advocacy, training, research, and program-related grantmaking. The programs are assisted by a team—including communications, development, finance, human resources, operations, and information technology—that also supports Ambassador Hunt’s other professional and personal activities.