Swanee Hunt has been at the forefront of the protection, encouragement, and advancement of women in the US and across the world. Appointed Ambassador to Austria by President Clinton during the Balkan War, she has since worked in more than 60 countries and is known worldwide for inspiring grassroots activists to political and civil society leadership while advocating on their behalf at the highest levels.

She developed these skills in Colorado, where she headed a successful reform of the mental health system; co-chaired two community-based initiatives; and created, then chaired, Governor Roy Romer’s Coordinating Council on Housing and Homelessness. In addition, she was co-founder and president of the Women’s Foundation of Colorado, which has lobbied the State legislature to reduce the “cliff effect” facing women leaving the welfare system for jobs.

Current Policy Areas of Focus

Inclusive Security

Women are an essential tool to prevent violence, stop war, and restore communities after deadly conflicts.

Demand Abolition

Eradicating demand for purchased sex will end the illegal commercial sex industry.

Political Parity

Electing more women to higher office improves policy outcomes and lifts public trust.