Inclusive Security

Ambassador Hunt – pictured here moderating a forum discussion with leaders from Syria, Libya, Liberia, Myanmar, Colombia, and Afghanistan – has prioritized her work to bring greater representation, especially the inclusion of women, to peace talks.

“We’re Talking About Security”

Ambassador Swanee Hunt recounts her conversation with a US general in 2003, who said of Iraq: “When we get the place secure, then we’ll be able to talk about women’s issues.” She counters that, in order to build security, we need to draw on 100% of our resources.


Inclusive Security on Fareed Zakaria’s GPS

One of the world’s most prominent international affairs forums—Fareed Zakaria’s GPS on CNN—showcased the work of Inclusive Security and the critical need to involve women as decision-makers to end conflict and sustain peace.

Takeaways from Collaborative Approaches to Global Security

Three ambassadors. Two generals. One president. And more than a dozen women peacebuilders from around the globe. These leaders, and many more, came together on October 15 at Collaborative Approaches to Global Security—presented by Inclusive Security in association with the U.S. Department of State. Together, our goal was to foster ideas about how to build


Video: Sophia and the Bell

Ambassador Hunt tells the story of Sophia and the Bell to support the launch of #Women. Seriously! at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict.


Podcast: The Women Who Rebuilt Rwanda

Ambassador Hunt speaks on Harvard’s PolicyCast about the lessons to be learned from Rwanda’s women in the 20 years since the genocide.

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